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New calls

By-Law 6 of the Law Society Act requires that all Ontario LAWYERS who practise in private practice in Ontario pay the insurance premium annually, to ensure they have malpractice coverage in place.

To determine insurance requirements and options, select one of the following:

If you are going into private practice

Eligibility All Ontario LAWYERS who are in private practice are required to secure professional liability insurance coverage through LAWPRO®, and must complete an insurance Application For New Applicants.

Maximum of $1 million per claim/$2 million in the aggregate coverage for claims brought against you, as defined in the LAWPRO Policy.

For more see private practice.

If you are joining a law firm
Talk to your office manager/administrator before completing your liability insurance application to assist you in completing Section C- Coverage Options and Section D- Premium Options of the Application for New Applicants.

If you are establishing a new law firm
As a SOLE PRACTITIONER you can file as an individual. LAWPRO will assign a firm account number to your new firm after receiving your Application.

If you are establishing a new law firm with other LAWYERS
Please be sure to indicate the name of your law firm in your application, to identify the other LAWYERS with whom you will be associated. A firm account number will be assigned for you.

Premium Premium reductions for lawyers with less than 4 full years of practice (private and public):
Years in practice: Premium discount equal to:
less than 1 full year 50% off base premium*
less than 2 full years 40% off base premium*
less than 3 full years 30% off base premium*
less than 4 full years 20% off base premium*

*Note: The maximum premium discount for Restricted Area of Practice, Part-Time Practice options and the New Lawyer discount combined cannot exceed 50 per cent of the base premium.
To apply Complete the Application for New Applicants

If you are practising as in-house counsel, as a government LAWYER, or in a legal aid clinic funded by Legal Aid Ontario


If you are an employed LAWYER who is not providing PROFESSIONAL SERVICES to parties other than your EMPLOYER, you are eligible to claim an exemption from paying the insurance premium. To apply to claim an exemption, please complete and return an Application for Exemption to LAWPRO.

For details on exemptions, please see:
Coverage and conditions No insurance coverage if exempt

Please note that there is no coverage for PROFESSIONAL SERVICES provided during any period of exemption. The only exceptions to this are with respect to PRO BONO SERVICES provided through an approved pro bono PROFESSIONAL SERVICES program associated with Pro Bono Ontario; certain mentoring services provided pursuant to LAWPRO-approved risk management protocols; and/or certain services as estate trustee, trustee for inter vivos trust, or attorney for property, where coverage has been separately applied for and granted.

Pro bono

If you provide PRO BONO SERVICES through an approved program associated with Pro Bono Ontario, you would continue to be eligible for exemption. You may also have Run-Off Coverage for your approved pro bono PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. For details, see pro bono .

If you provide pro bono work for not-for-profit organizations (not associated with Pro Bono Ontario), you may continue to qualify for exemption, please see pro bono.


If you are not practising law


Ontario LAWYERS who are not practising law can apply to exempt themselves from paying the insurance premium.

To apply to claim exemption, you must file the Application for Exemption:

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Key DatesMore

April 30, 2018
Real estate and civil litigation transaction levies and forms are due for the quarter ended March 31, 2018.

April 30, 2018
Exemption forms from lawyers not practising civil litigation or real estate and wanting to exempt themselves from quarterly filings are due.

July 31, 2018
Real estate and civil litigation transaction levies and forms are due for the quarter ended June 30, 2018.


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