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Optional Innocent Party Sublimit Buy-Up Coverage (for LAWYERS practising alone)

Eligibility Optional for SOLE PRACTITIONER(S) and LAWYERS practising alone in a LAW CORPORATION
Coverage & Premium
Sublimit (per CLAIM/aggregate) Premium (per insured LAWYER)
$250,000/$250,000 Optional Innocent Party Sublimit Buy-Up Coverage is underwritten on an individual basis, based on a risk assessment of the information provided in the application.
$1 million/$1 million


LAWYERS acting as LOCUM are required to carry at least the same amount of Innocent Party protection as is carried by the LAWYER(S) in the contracting firm that has hired them. It is strongly recommended that LAWYERS acting as LOCUM as well as LAWYERS in the contracting firm purchase the full amount of Optional Innocent Party coverage available.

Sublimits are applicable to expenses, indemnity payments and/or costs of repairs together. Accounts are individually underwritten and may be subject to risk-based adjustment after review of the completed application form. Premium and other terms of insurance are ordinarily provided within 60 days after receipt of the completed application form.

Why Innocent Party Coverage?

The changing practice climate

Optional Innocent Party Coverage is a tool that allows you, the SOLE PRACTITIONER, to assure clients that they are protected against the fraudulent, malicious, criminal or dishonest acts or omissions of LAWYERS. For example, you may need to protect the security of clients' funds while they are in your control. Or financial institutions may require insurance protection to recognize escrow closings.

Protect yourself against claims arising out of past partnerships and associations
Even as a SOLE PRACTITIONER, you continue to have vicarious exposure for the acts or omissions of partners, associates, employed LAWYERS or firm employee(s) with whom you once practised. But as a SOLE PRACTITIONER you are not required to carry Mandatory Innocent Party Coverage -- and are not protected against their dishonest, fraudulent, malicious or criminal acts or omissions. Optional Innocent Party Coverage addresses this need.

This coverage may also be useful if, from time to time, other LAWYERS assist you in your practice during absences or vacations.

To apply Complete the Innocent Party Application
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